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glFusion, the next generation content management system built on the foundation of synergy, stability, and style. It provides a complete content management solution in a single package that lets you get your site up and running quickly, without having to search for 3rd party plugins or components.


A Significant History

Part one of a three part series by Minna Roth Hill

"To follow time's dying melodies through and never to lose the old in the new." - Sidney Lanier, Symphony

Original School

The current Sidney Lanier High School located at 1756 South Court Street was not the first Sidney Lanier High School in Montgomery, Alabama. The old Sidney Lanier High School was constructed on McDonough Street from 1909 to 1910 and had the distinction of being the first coeducational public high school in Montgomery. The doors of the old school opened on September 26, 1910, with four-hundred, seventy-eight (478) students, and fifteen (15) faculty members. The school could accommodate six hundred (600) students, but by the early 1920s, the student population was almost twice that number. The school's namesake is taken from the poet, musician, and critic, Sidney Lanier. He was born in Georgia in 1842 and after his service in the Confederate Army lived in Montgomery from 1866 to 1867.

Sidney Lanier High School remained the only public high school in Montgomery until 1922. Montgomery County High School was built in the Cloverdale community and quickly picked up the nickname Cloverdale. At the time, the incorporated village of Cloverdale was not part of the city of Montgomery, however, some city students chose to attend Cloverdale High School instead of Lanier. This temporarily relieved the student population overload at Lanier. Soon, Lanier was overcrowded again. The Board of Education saw the need to build a new facility that would accommodate the larger Lanier student body and allow growth for future classes.

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